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“An Operation Caged  Doves       Conspiracy”
By Ronald E.B. Chatman
Ever since I was a kid I was told to always be thankful for what you have, especially if you have good health and a sound mind. I am currently a political prisoner within the Georgia Department of Corrections, locked up since 2020 on RICO act charges on a major indictment called
Operation Caged Doves Back in 2020 I was abducted by a joint task force that consisted of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Police Department (Metro Task Force), Georgia Bureau of Investigations (Gang Task Force), and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Allow me to formerly introduce myself my name is Ronald E.B. Chatman, but in the streets I am known as O/G Madd Ronald a refored member of the Rollin20sNeighborhood Bloods and a community advocate.
Ronald Chatman California Department of Corrections I.D. Card
California Corectional Center @ Susanville 2006-2008
There was a big deal and a whole lot of commotion about what was really a bunch of nothin.’ No one could have told me (when I had woke up on October 27th, 2020), that my day would suddenly take the course that it had been on by the end of the day. That to me was a day like none other that I will ever live through. It was a tired groggy morning for me because I had been up all night working as a food courier for Uber Eats, so I had gotten home sometime after 6:00 a.m. that morning. I think my daughter Tierra had called and woke me up, with a phone call, she had said she was coming by to pick up her mail that was coming to my address at that time. I had awoken by the time she had hung up the phone so I was beginning my day with very little sleep, but I am the type once I wake up I am up for the rest of the day. After having been to prison 5 times in the state of California and my oldest daughter being murdered by her boyfriend back in 2010 I was just beginning to enjoy life and be thankful for what I had I was thankful for the fact that I had been out of prison for 12 years, I was thankful for the fact that I owned my own business (Ron’s 1st Response Carpet Cleaning Services) I was thankful for my son and my youngest daughter Tierra and my grandchildren (back then there were only 2 of them, but now there are 3 of them. I was just becoming familiar with my grandchildren and I was liking the discovery of an all together different version of myself as someone’s grandfather Little did I know, my current reality would soon be interrupted and the equilibrium of my everyday life, will soon be sent into a state of chaos and confusion.       
One of the company vans from Ron’s 1st Response Carpet Cleaning Service. 
The smaller van is the one that transported the portable carpet extractor.
Being that I was building up my following online between podcasting, you tube videos,l and social media, I spent the next hour online between Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accepting friend requests, instant messages, and direct messages. I had accepted a direct message on Instagram from a person that had the username of a woman, I accepted the direct message and read it. It was a message from this (assumed) female, commending me for for my participation in a drive thru food give away that previous Saturday where I was loading cars with free groceries, because we were still in pandemic protocol due to Co-Vid 19 being so out of control back in 2020. this person
continued to chat with me via direct messaging on Instagram.
I had D.M.’ed her backsaying I was volunteering and making the information available on my social media channels. She continued to carry on by mentioning to me that she grew up in that specific church and her father was the pastor of the church for many years. She continued to talk about bout the area as if she was familiar with it, then she said something that raised a red flag with me. She told me she worked at Starbuck’s Coffee in L.A. on Figueroa Street and 28th Street and invited me there for a free cup of
She had gotten my attention. because I just happen to live on 23rd Street and Figueroa Street. Now as big as the world wide web is and even as big as both the city and county of Los Angeles are, this person is direct messaging me from the Starbuck’s Coffee that I just happen to patronize on a regular basis. Now I am suspicious, about that time Tierra was knocking at my door. The suspicion began to set into my mind not thinking about law enforcement, but thinking about gang members and the first thing to cross my mind was set up, the vision in my mind echoed ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT.
I opened it and let her in, she was pregnant at that time. Tierra was 26 years old. Me and her went though the typical father to pregnant daughter conversation (where daddy is doing all of the talking and making all of the points), I am one of those fathers that spends a lot of time hollering at my grown ass (was) pregnant daughter. Her and I sat and talked for a few minutes. mostly about what her life plan was going to be once the baby arrived. For the most part Tierra knew I wasn’t just being mean to her, She knew I stayed on her out of love and concern for her future well being as any father would be for his daughter. me and Tierra always came to reasonable conclusions whenever we spoke or she would shoot me to the left by ignoring me or rushing in and back out again so she doesn’t have to hear from me. On this day we got along and she even acted like she was listening to what I was saying to her. As we were wrapping up our father/daughter session, I recognized that she must have had some type of appointment, so I told her to wait, because I was going to walk her to her car (which was illegally parked in the loading zone) in front of my apartment building. both me and her exited
the apartment as I locked the door behind me. I had ran down the stairs behind Tierra and right before I went out the downstairs door on to the sidewalk, I had gotten another D.M. from the female who was previously in the D.M. mentioning the time she spent as a member of the church on 74th Street and Western Avenue where we were passing out boxes of food. Since my daughter had arrived, I had stopped chatting with her. She had said something to the effect of, “ What happened? Why did you go dark? Why did I go dark? Now if it had not been for me being so focused on what I was saying to Tierra I would have caught that, but I didn’t and continued on my way outside. I reached the the sidewalk on the other side of the door. I walked out behind Tierra still talking. When I got outside I saw a few of my neighbors standing around like they were watching something down the street as they were looking and pointing down the street as they talked to each other. I took 2 steps as I spoke to Tierra as I walked out of the down- stairs door of my apartment building. I had spoken a few words to Tierra as I walked behind her then I looked down and realized I was wearing a dirty T-shirt. At that moment I turned around and pulled my keys out, about to go back up stairs and change my shirt. When I had reached to stick my key in the door knob, I heard someone holler, “Freeze!”
I looked back like, “What the fuck?” Tierra still standing on the sidewalk a few feet away from me had her hands up also. I looked back and put my hands up, not quite sure they were talking to me. Now don’t get me wrong I have been arrested more times than I can remember and have been to the California Department of Corrections 5 times, so if I had known they were coming I would have been long gone, but the truth of the matter is I had not committed any crimes and had no knowledge of anyone that may have been involved in any crimes. I looked at Tierra and said to her. “What the fuck you been doing? as if all these officers were there for her. Then, I heard the officer say to me “Mister Chatman get on your knees and put your hands behind your head.” When I looked back all I saw were the guns they all had aimed at me, AR-15’s, shotguns, and handguns. Some of them had a look on their faces like, “I wish a motherfucker would resist or run.”
There were so many of them that I was confused, because I was being arrested for some unknown reason and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
Stay tuned for Public Enemy part 2
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